You Are Capable

The idea that talent, intelligence, or genius is a finite resource is a myth. Yes, some people are born with crazy talents, but guess what…. you have a crazy talent too. You may not have realized what your God given gift is yet, but you have one. Your talent may be to take care of the sick, to be an artist, a hairdresser, a writer, or whatever makes your feel full of life. Figure out what you love to do and go do it, unapologetically, and wholeheartedly. Do what makes you happy and fulfills your soul. I understand that we all have to make a living and pay bills, but do not allow the daily 9-5 grind pull you away from your purpose on this planet. YOU ARE SPECIAL. YOU ARE TALENTED. YOU ARE GIFTED. Have you been playing around with the idea of writing a book? Start writing today, and start writing a little everyday. Have you been thinking about doing missionary work, start looking into it and putting things into action. The fact that something has been coming up in your mind on more than one occasion, is a sign that you should try it. It can be challenging to face our fears and to step out of our comfort zone, but those times of discomfort is where the most growth takes place. Have faith, and KNOW that you have what it takes.

~ Shari 

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