Student of Life

I am a professional student. When I call myself this, it isn’t to say that I am always taking classes at the local college racking up a ton of student loan debt. This is a state of mind that I carry with me. I never want to be so comfortable in my knowledge that I am no longer teachable. There is always something new to learn and we can learn something from every person that we encounter. We will never know everything in this life, and the things that once made sense to you in the past will change as YOU grow and change. We are all walking on a path having and creating different experiences, but to remain open, optimistic and eager on the journey is one of the biggest successes. The more I learn, the more that I realize that I still have a long, long, loooonnnng, way to go but I love every minute of it. Become a student of life, experience as many beautiful things that this world has to offer and share what you have learned.

~ Shari

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